Here you will find some of our news and images taken during the day.

March 3 2022:

This week has been all about Waco's!

First up the beautiful red machine is being assembled, this sure is a lovely machine, it should be flying in just a few weeks.

The big news is that resident Waco UOC, ZK-AEL was engine run for the first time in 58 years so this week not long to go now before New Zealand has

two original Waco types gracing the skies.

December 10 2021:

This week Carl Jackson's (pictured left) Cessna 185 came out of the paint booth wearing a fresh white coat of paint that Marty applied.

Will keep you posted on this as the end result will look fantastic!

November 8 2011:

After a huge effort by so many people the JEM team helped breathe live back into the Mosquito at Omaka today , an amazing sight and sound, we are all

very proud to have been associated with this once in a life time opportunity!

October 22 2021:

This Yak 52 headed back to the North Island today following a bit of a spruce up.

Improvements included an avionics upgrade and all of the fabric on the control surfaces replaced and painted, it looks pretty good.

Paul Hughan is flying the aircraft and in the back set is his sone and JEM employee Jeremy with the camera plane flown by Jay.

October 17 2021:

Cessna 152 Aerobat ZK-MUM is coming along nicely, since this photo was taken the wings, ailerons, wingtips, and flaps have been put on and the electrical/

Avionics fit out is underway.

June 25 2021:

Popped into the AHC recently to have a look at the Mosquito, we are very proud to have been involved with this project.

June 24 2021:

This Tomahawk is from the Marlborough Aero Club and we gave it an annual inspection this week.

June 15 2021:

Rex and Jay are seen here with their Waco restoration project, isn't she looking amazing!

June 4 2021:

Jeremy and Josh happy in their work, in this case they are doing an engine change on a Nanchang.

April 4 2021:

Today a photo flight was flown in order to get some photos of these two customer aircraft we maintain.

Was great to finally get both Yak 3 fighters up together, camera plane was flown by Jay which was very fitting!

March 13 2021:

A locally operated Airtourer in for a calendar check, you don't see them looking like that very often.

February 22 2021:

Today the Mk XIV Spitfire arrived out front of the hangar after Jay had given it a run, it was then pushed inside for some maintenance, what a machine!

January 26 2021:

As mentioned last month we are involved in the refurbishment of Mosquito NZ2336 for display in the AHC and here are two photos taken in the past few days.

The first shows the Mossie being put back together on Sunday, and the other is of four of our staff who are spending a few days helping to put some of the 

larger pieces back on the aircraft.

December 12 2020:

One aircraft several of the team have been heavily involved with is DH Mosquito NZ2336 that is now at Omaka being preserved for display in the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

The aircraft is owned by the Smith family and was stored in a shed in Mapua near Nelson for generations and is now being preserved here at Omaka for display.

We have supplied labour, consumables, our paint booth, tooling, no blood but a lot of sweat to ensure the aircraft is completed in good time.

We are very proud to be able to be involved and when complete future generations will be able to gaze at the Mossie in amazement and we at JEM are very pleased we can get

behind this worthy community project and "do our bit".

Below are some images of some of the work we have been heavily involved in.

We will continue to cover more on this magnificent aircraft in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

August 10 2020.

The locally based Supermarine Mk XIV Spitfire having a regular engine run, she sounded fantastic.

August 13 2020.

Jay giving the RV-10 an engine run, not far now until first flight.

Jem Aviation

August 19 2020

We have this L-39 Albatros in to get its annual maintenance done soon and Jay is seen here giving the jet a full power engine run to check the systems out.

Jem Aviation